We are on a mission to make financial intelligence accessible and easy-to-use for everyone, whereas we target SME and sole traders in particular. Therefore, we have created TRUVITY which delivers fresh and inter-connected data from multiple data sources. TRUVITY allows every entity to take decisions on their own once all available information about customers, clients and vendors is on the table.

Currently, we offer information for twelve countries from Southeast Europe, but this is just the beginning. Our aim is to bring TRUVITY on the global scene as a full-fledged AML/KYC solution with two main advantages: 1) normalized public and siloed data which is updated extremely often , 2) through our innovative technology for "profile linking" create unique profiles for individuals and companies.



Due diligence

Our DD team performs investigations on companies or individuals, based on research in local languages in official and media sources. It examines past business, investment activities, sources of funds and personal wealth combined with screening against sanctions.


Data science

On top of our Knowledge Graph semantic model we have implemented traditional and innovative data science techniques for search and entity/profile linking such as fuzzy matching, name entity resolution and entity linking methods.



Our technical team has created a Knowledge Graph based on ontology in order to enhance indirect relationships which is seen as a disadvantage or relational data bases. Moreover, our KG model is a semantic model with major focus on representing knowledge about companies, persons, their properties and relationships.


Data collection

The members of our advanced data collection team have extensive experience in finding appropriate public data sources, their automation and frequent update. Moreover, a network of contractors allows us to leverage their local knowledge and find PEP and AME data sources in different regions/languages.

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